Justin Matthews Charter schools

Justin Matthews Charter Schools impressive school leadership achievements have been recognized. Early in his career, he received the National Innovation Principal of the Year award in 2010, validating his ability to meld professional diligence with creative problem-solving. Schools under his direct oversight have consistently garnered numerous national awards in academics, parent choice, school culture, and operations, further bolstering his reputation in the field.

His impact is notably evident in constructing over three million square feet of charter school facilities, including classrooms, cafeterias, sports fields, gymnasiums, and playgrounds. These endeavors have culminated in over three hundred million dollars in financing for charter schools. His pivotal role in facilitating financing through various bond issuances, particularly for projects like the Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy, Avant Garde Academy, and Mountain Island Charter School, demonstrates his business and financial acumen and mastery in operations management.

Beyond his primary duties, he founded Alliance Education Services, a non-profit consulting firm. His previous role with Cognia/AdvancED as a Lead External Review Evaluator further attests to his commitment to enhancing all aspects of the school improvement cycle and giving back to the community. These additional responsibilities epitomize his relentless pursuit of excellence in the education sector.

In his personal life, he has a rich array of interests. He harbors a deep-rooted passion for music, reflecting his appreciation for the finer aspects of life that art offers. His love for trout fishing illustrates his patience, a quality consistently mirrored in his professional approach. Additionally, fitness plays a significant role in his lifestyle, highlighting his belief in maintaining a balanced life and extending his diligence in his activities.

Justin Matthews Charter Schools exemplifies how a blend of professionalism, diligence, and passion in one's field can lead to remarkable achievements. His educational leadership, combined with his interests, paints a vivid portrait of a man deeply committed to his cause and dedicated to cultivating a balanced lifestyle.

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